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soy wax candle in black tea, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and orange scent. the scent name is hello, it's tea

Hello, It's Tea

black tea, lemongrass, eucalyptus, orange
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Hello, it's tea. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet?

Black tea, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and orange candle. Earthy and refreshing, this candle is great for lighting up when an old lover comes calling again. I have it on good authority it's Adele's favourite.

All candles are made with 100% organic American soy wax. Made in reusable jars with a hemp wick and free from dyes, parabens, and phthalates. 


Burn all candles within sight and away from pets, children, or flammable objects. Never leave a candle unattended.
For safety reasons, always extinguish candles after 4 hours of burning.
Never move a lit candle, burn candles only on heat resistant surfaces.
Trim wicks before each burn and stop burning your candles when 1/4"-1/2" of wax remains.

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