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A note from the woman herself:

Oh hello, it’s me. Becci. @neighbourbecci if you’re on Instagram, and The Copper Bell’s biggest fan.

The first thing that drew me to Katrina’s candles were the names. The puns were plentiful and I was instantly intrigued.

After I bought the candles, I discovered their magic. They cover the smell of dogs. But also they’re not too overwhelming in scent (no headaches here). But let’s go back to my main point: the candles cover the scent of my two smelly dogs. A miracle.

Times are hard, and the world is a dumpster fire. But I like to save a little of my paycheque and treat myself to The Copper Bell candles whenever I can. The world may be burning, but so is my Top Koalaty candle.

Becci xoxo

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Becci's Favourites

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