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The Best Scents For Relaxation Every Day

Candles are great for relaxation and boosting the coziness of your home, office, or personal space. They are especially great for various times of the day or to mark certain events in your life. For example, after a long day of work, chores, or a difficult meeting, light a candle. Whichever way you light it, candles enhance a boring space and make it a beautiful one. 

Whether it’s at your desk, your bedside, or your kitchen countertop, candles have many practical, spiritual, and emotional benefits. Certain scents are better to evoke certain feelings and states of being. Worry no more: let's explore which scents are best for the mood you wish to create. 

Relax, You’re Doing Great 

There are so many benefits to relaxing candles. The entire industry of aromatherapy can prove that fact. For those dedicated to creating a sacred or nourishing space for focused time or self-care, relaxing scents like eucalyptus, mint, and lavender will give us that extra nudge. 

Eucalyptus is great for energy and an added concentration boost. Mint is perfect for relieving tension and increased respiratory function. Lavender treats anxiety, promotes relaxation, and can also relieve depression, insomnia, and menstrual cramps. 

Here are a few other benefits to relaxing candles: 

Livens Up A Room

You know the feeling: you walk into a room, lit with candles, and you think to yourself: Am I in a cheesy romcom? Not quite! The good thing about candles is that anyone can add them to their space to give an added glow. It refreshes a room and adds a level of romance and visual delight without having to redecorate. They’re also great for killing unwanted odors. No more bathroom anxiety, thank you!

Supports Comfort and Safety

Looking at a candle flame for even a minute can help reduce stress significantly. If you’re really going through it: watch the flame flicker for 60 seconds and breathe. See how the effects of watching fire are so primal and yet so necessary to give us that reset we need. 

Express Yourself

Just like stylistic choices or music preferences, fragrances really shape our identities. How we choose to smell or which smells we surround ourselves with is a statement of expression. When you look for your scent, pick ones that resonate with you. Don’t worry about what others may prefer. This is your self-expression time. Besides, you’re the one smelling it, so you might as well enjoy it. 

Which Candle Is Right For Me?

Here at The Copper Bell, every candle comes with a funny name to boost the humor and the relaxation. Each of these candles provokes some calm and some laughs. 

I Beg Your Garden?
funny soy candle by the copper bell. i beg your garden is a lavender mint scent

One of our best sellers, I Beg Your Garden? takes lavender to new heights. Infused with two major players in the calming scent game, mint and lavender, this candle is one of the best go-to relaxers. Place it on your desk while you get busy, or next to a warm bath while you do some self-care. It could even be a great addition to a coffee table and spruce up a room when guests come over. 



Top Koalaty

We love our puns, but we also love high-quality ingredients that smell good! If you want something calming with a kick, enjoy this beautiful balance of delicious scents, including eucalyptus, mint, and orange. The citrus really adds a kick to the more neutral, light eucalyptus, and the mint will keep you alert enough to keep going at the task at hand. Great for focus, rejuvenation, or chilling out, light these babies when you’re feeling frisky yet tired or distracted yet determined. This candle will get you going in no time. 

Day Drinking

funny soy candle by the copper bell. day drinking candle, grapefruit orange and champagne scented

Look, we are brunch obsessed. But, unfortunately, we can’t go every day! So why not make it a daily celebration? Replace the champagne with a champagne candle, and you get a masterpiece of the senses. Enjoy a romantic vacation while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Close your eyes and inhale the possibilities. Featuring infusions of champagne, grapefruit, and orange, this candle is celebratory all on its own. While a great addition to a relaxing night in, Day Drinking keeps you alert and mentally sound with the added citrus. You deserve a high-quality alcoholic candle without the hangover. Day Drinking is for the wild, fun, hard workers who want to have fun while they stay on schedule. 


Indulge in both relaxation and mild sarcasm every time you light one of our candles. Because you deserve to relax and smirk at the same time.

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