Candle Care Tips

Candle Care Tips

I know you don't want to mess up that brand new candle! Here's my guide to getting the best use out of your soy candles.

Soy Candle Care Tips

1. Break out the wick trimmer

woman trimming a candle wick using a rose gold wick trimmer

Our candle wicks are cut to the right height for your first burn. On your next lighitng, make sure you trim the wick to about 1/4"! Before every use, be sure to trim off any excess length. If your wick has a little carbon ball at the top - snip it off.


Your candles will last longer and burn better! When the wick is too long, the flame can get a little too big. You risk overheating your candle, and more importantly will burn through it faster!

Need a hand with that? Check out our wick trimmers.


2. Burn, baby, burn!

woman lighting funny soy candle where there's smoke

Now that you've taken a little off the top, keep that baby burning. Let your candle burn until the wax melts all the way to the edges of the jar - in candle jargon we call this the melt pool.


Soy wax can be a finicky lover. If the melt doesn't reach all the way to the edges you risk tunnelling - or having an excessive amount of wax leftover on the sides. Because our jars are long and tall, a small amount of leftover wax on the sides is generally fine. As the candle burns lower the wax will catch up.

Best practice is to extinguish your candle after 4 hours of use to prolong its life and ensure you aren't overheating the jar. 

3. keep it clean!

Keeping your wick trimmed and your burn even should help, but with fire comes soot. Our soy wax candles produce very little to none, but we've got some cleaning advice anyways! We've got one quick tip to keep your jars looking flawless. After your candle has completely cooled, use paper towel with a bit of coconut oil to wipe any soot from the top of your candle jars. Make sure to wipe off any excess oil that may be leftover on the glass!

Less is more when it comes to the oil!

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