4 kinds of candles to burn instead of cleaning your house

4 kinds of candles to burn instead of cleaning your house

Hey friend, did you get a pandemic puppy to cope with the Groundhog Day levels of boredom and repetition? Me too! Just one problem... dogs kind of stink, eh?

Or maybe you're just dealing with the overwhelming weight of January and a complete lack of desire to clean your house. Right there with you!

Here's my 4 favourite kinds of candles to burn instead of cleaning your house. I won't tell if you don't. 

1. Citrus scents

cit down and mull it over funny candle

Citrus is my #1 candle scent, and it's hard to get right! It works all year round and can be combined with almost anything for a bright, fresh, comforting scent. Burning a citrus candle will help you forget all about your stinky house.


Try my all time favourite candle Cit Down and Mull it Over for some warm, cozy citrus scents in your stinky house. A blend of citrus, balsam, and mulled cider can't be wrong! 


Or, if you want something a little brighter and fresh - try Day Drinking. It pairs perfectly with all the day drinking you've been doing to cope. Grapefruit, orange, and champagne - smells like the brunch dates you used to be able to go on with your friends. 


2. Spa scents

There's nothing better than earthy, spa-worthy scents filling your stink-ass house. My personal favourites will remind you of better days, when you weren't so worried about the end of the world. 

Top Koalaty is a refreshing blend of eucalyptus, mint, and orange (gotta sneak that citrus in!). Burn it in your smelly bathroom, or anywhere you want to be reminded of pampering.

More of a floral fan? Try I Beg Your Garden? a light, fresh mix of lavender and mint to open up those airways. Close your eyes and imagine you don't have 6 loads of laundry to fold!


3. Cozy scents

berry me in the woods funny soy candle

This might just be the Winter talking here, but there's nothing better than a warm, cozy candle to make me forget how gross my home is. 

If you're feeling a little fruity, give Berry Me in the Woods a go! A blend of Winter berries and evergreen boughs, this best seller is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Lol.. crowds.

Not so fruity? Baby, It's Cold AF might be your jam. This blend of cedar wood and spice is going to fill your home with deep, rich scents that will have you forgetting all about that smelly dog. 

4. Sweet scents

Ahh, sweet candles. There's nothing like a house that smells like freshly baked goods without having to do any of the work - or cleaning. And boy, do I have some sweet candles for you! Are you a cinnamon fan? Nothing beats Got Buns, Hun? - a delicious blend of sweet frosting and gooey cinnamon buns.

Or maybe you want something a little different? Pick one of our popular layered candles and try the lemon cake scent! Each candle is available in a variety of scents for your burning pleasure. These layered candles offer a truly unique burning experience. Each comes with 4 layers of 2 alternating scents so you've always got something new when you light your candle up. 

I am supposed to warn you that none of the candles covered in this sweet section are edible - truly sorry.

So there you have it! Don't bother cleaning, just light a candle and forget about your stinky woes. You deserve the break.

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Its 10.30 on a Saturday morning and i loved reading this email. It makes me buy all these amazing candles. Your descriptions sucked me in. On a no buy jan but come February plan to get more. Most of the evening into the night yesterday we had the layered lemon cake burning and it was heaven. THE best part is my husband is now on board for burning candles!
Love your posts from the real to funny to sarcastic. Thank you.


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